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May 08, 2021
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Client Support: Macintosh OS

Macintosh Mail

This tutorial will help you set up Macintosh Mail to work with your email account. Click here to open the instructions in PDF format.

To Set Up Your Email Account in Macintosh Mail:

1. Open Mail from the Dock or in the Applications folder.

2. From the Mail menu, choose Preferences.

3. Click the Accounts button to display the pane.

4. To create a new account, click the plus sign (+) button in the bottom-left corner of the window.

5. In the resulting dialog, enter your full name, email address, and password in the corresponding fields. Click Continue.

NOTE: If you have a .Mac account, Mail checks your account, then displays an account summary; click Continue, then click Done to finish. If you have a different type of account, keep reading.

6. Choose the type of account you have (POP, IMAP, or Exchange) from the Account Type pop-up menu. If you're not sure about what type of account you have, consult your Internet Service Provider.

7. Enter a name for your account in the Description field. Example: Home Account

8. Type your ISP or email provider's incoming mail server address in the Incoming Mail Server field. Example:

9. Type your account name in the User Name field.

10. Type your password in the Password field, and then click Continue.

11. Follow the directions from your ISP to select the proper authentication preferences. Click Continue.

12. Type the outgoing server address for your account in the Outgoing Mail Server field. Example:

13. Mail checks to verify your information, and then displays an account summary. If Mail generates an error message stating it could not contact your mail server you should verify your information is correct before proceeding. Click Continue and then click Done to finish.